Stories By English Authors: France (Selected by Scribners)

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Burlingame first editor of the firm's most successful magazine, Scribner's Magazine , Robert Bridges and Alfred Dashiell Burlingame's successors , legendary editor Maxwell Perkins editor of F. Some of the best-known authors that were published by Scribners in the 19th century are T. Headley, J. Hopkinson Smith, Henry M. Willis, and Edith Wharton. Wyeth illustrator , and Stark Young. In addition to company records, the records contain Scribner family papers, primarily correspondence and photographs.

Papers relating to John Insley Blair, the 19th-century American railroad capitalist and father-in-law of the firm's founder, as well as other Blair family members, are included. This folio-size atlas is remarkable for several reasons. It is the first atlas produced by the then new printing process of lithography.

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It is also the first atlas to show the whole world in maps using a large uniform scale—about 26 miles to the inch. Moreover, the maps are designed to be joined into a three-dimensional terrestrial globe with a diameter of approximately 7. The library's Digital Studio joined in our project to digitize the sheets so that they could be made available, in high resolution, over the web.

London: Adam and Charles Black, United States? The Wonders of a Toy Shop. New-York: J. Preble, [? Page Turner - PDF 7. Philadelphia: The Penn Publishing Co. Selected Special Collections Juvenile Collection Children's books dating from the early eighteenth century to the present, approximately 15, items. Digitized Materials From the Juvenile Collection. Adventures of Miss Minette and Master Jocko.

Aesop, Junior, in America: being a series of fables written especially for the people of the United States of North America. Webster, Noah, Baseball A B C. New York: McLoughlin Bros.

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Beauties of the New England. Smith, Albert, Beauty and the Beast.

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Page Turner - PDF 3. New-York : Published by J.

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Riker, Colman, Julia, Brandy Drops. The Butterfly's ball, and the grasshopper's feast. Baltimore : Printed and published by Wm. Raine, Cat's Party. New York : McLoughlin Bros. Page Turner - PDF 2.


Ethan Frome

Perrault, Charles, Van den Berg, Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell, New York : Published by Edward Dunigan, Turner, Mrs. Elizabeth , Daisy, or, Cautionary Tales in Verse. Philadelphia : Henry F. Anners, Pyrnelle, Louise Clarke. Diddie Dumps and Tot. Easy and instructive lessons for children. Also, The ladder to learning, or, A selection of fables consisting of words of only one syllable : being an easy introduction to the useful art of reading.

Finley, Martha, Elsie Dinsmore. New York : M. Dodd, Philadelphia : Published and sold by B. Buzby, Child, Lydia Maria, Flowers for children. Part II, For children from four to six years old. New-York : C. Goody Two Shoes. Goody Two-Shoes : illuminated with ten pictures.

New York : H. Hewet, engraver and printer, Margery Two-Shoes. Illustrated primer, or, The first book for children : designed for home or parental instruction : embellished with numerous engravings, and pretty stories, which will please the children amazingly!

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New York : Published by George F. Indian Chief and the Little White Boy. Bayley, F. Frederic William Naylor , Jack the Giant Killer. Weems, M. Mason Locke , Life of George Washington. Philadelphia : Printed for the author, Johnston, Annie F. Annie Fellows , Little Colonel. Boston : Joseph Knight Company, Little frog and pretty mouse.

Ernest Hemingway

Philadelphia : J. You query this? You cite me Maugham? Longevity, gentlemen, is not an end. It is a prolongation. I cannot say fie upon it, since I have never fie-ed on anything yet. Shuck if off, Jack. Should we abandon rhetoric and realize at the same time that what IS the most authentic hipster talk of today is the twenty-three skidoo of tomorrow?

We should?

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What intelligent young people you are and what a privilege it is to be with you. Do I hear a request for authentic ballroom bananas? Gentlemen, we have them for you in bunches. Actually, as writers put it when they do not know how to begin a sentence, there is very little to say about writing shon stories unless you are a professional explainer. If you can not do it, no explanation will ever help. A few things I have found to be true. If you leave out important things or events that you know about, the story is strengthened. If you leave or skip something because you do not know it, the story will be worthless.

The test of any story is how very good the stuff is that you, not your editors, omit. Beat to the wide was an earlier and possibly more severe form of beat, since those who had it were unable to comment on this condition and could not suffer that it be mentioned in their presence. So the war, all mention of the war, anything about the war, is omitted. The change of name was made purposely, not from ignorance nor carelessness but because Big Two-Hearted River is poetry, and because there were many Indians in the story, just as the war was in the story, and none of the Indians nor the war appeared.

As you see, it is very simple and easy to explain.

Stories by English Authors: France by Robert Louis Stevenson

I had seen the couple in the Bar Basque in St. So I left the story out. But it is all there. It is not visible but it is there. It is very hard to talk about your work since it implies arrogance or pride. I have tried to get rid of arrogance and replace it with humility and I do all right at that sometimes, but without pride I would not wish to continue to live nor to write and I publish nothing of which I am not proud.

You can take that any way you like. I might not take it myself. I wrote the story opening with that incident and when it was finished I was happy about it and showed it to Scott. He said he liked the story very much and spoke about it in so fulsome a manner that I was embarrassed.

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